How to Teach your Baby to Drink from a Straw

How to Teach your Baby to Drink from a Straw - a Tip from a Pediatrician on

My twins nursed until they were almost 14 months old. Considering the fact that they were premature and had to start their life being fed from a tube I was pretty happy with that. I thought we could just skip right over the bottle phase and their transition to sippy cups and straws would be seamless. Easy, right?


We learned some great tips from our pediatrician about how to teach a baby to drink from a straw.

Mealtime Tips for Twins

Having one-on-one time with twins at the store

The past 15 months have been some of the craziest, stressful, and most exciting months of my life. Now that they are up and walking around, our life pretty much revolves around food. We are either feeding them, cleaning up after feeding them, or buying more food for them. I’ve learned a few tricks for simplifying mealtime with twins. It’s still messy but at least it’s manageable.

The Ultimate Breakfast Tacos (+ a secret sauce)

The Ultimate Breakfast Taco (+ a secret sauce) on

These are not your typical breakfast tacos with sausage, eggs, and cheese. Those things are all there but that’s just the start of it. These breakfast tacos are loaded with hashbrowns, veggies, and topped with a secret sauce that ties the whole thing together.

Patterned Target Art Project for Kids

Patterned Target Art Project for Kids

Art can be such a great stress-reliever for kids (and moms), especially for kids who have a hard time expressing their emotions. This patterned target art project gives kids a bit of direction while still leaving this a very open-ended art project that allows kids to get creative. The end result looks fantastic and kids can be proud of what they’ve created.