The Best Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup on | This is the BEST Tortilla soup I have tried!

I never used to be a huge fan of soup but this chicken tortilla soup (and a few other homemade favorites) converted me. We probably make this soup at least once a week during the winter. It’s super easy, makes great leftovers, and you can top it with all kinds of stuff so everyone can customize it. This is my absolute favorite chicken tortilla soup

Wavy Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

Wavy Paper Weaving Craft for Kids on

Paper weaving crafts are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and you end up with such fun art to display when you are done. This variation on a traditional paper weaving art project uses wavy lines to create a fun pattern.

How to Make Rice in the Oven

How to Make Rice in the Oven on | This is such HUGE time saver in the kitchen!

Making rice used to be my least favorite kitchen task. I could never seem to get it right. It was either too wet or dried up and crunchy. I’ve tried several different rice makers and while some of them did the job, more or less, the cleanup was a pain in the butt. I’m so glad I discovered this simple method for cooking rice in the oven because it comes out perfect every single time!

I Understand How Moms Forget

I Understand how Moms Forget | Stories of forgotten babies and childhood accidents are everywhere in the news. As soon as we think it can't happen to us we are at risk as moms.

  Stories of children forgotten in cars, forgotten at rest stops have been all over the news lately. It’s always the same story. The mom cries and says, “I just forgot. I can’t believe I forgot.” It’s hard to read those words. It’s hard to imagine that moment when they remembered. So often the ending is tragic. Then the online comments pour in and those

Earn Money for your School with Tyson Project A+

Earn Money for your school with the Tyson A+ Program. Find out how to do it on

  Thanks to Tyson® for sponsoring this post.   I love the excitement when kids head back to school. As a former teacher and now a mom I’ve seen both sides of it. I have one son heading off to middle school this year. MIDDLE SCHOOL. When did I get that old? He’s in a hybrid program that I’m thrilled with but when we were looking