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How to Give Birthday Gifts that People Actually Want

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Gift giving is an art. Some people have a knack for it and others . . . well, don’t. I am not a natural gift giver. I can handle the under 5 crowd but once they get past that my creativity is definitely lacking. I love making people feel special with gifts though so I really do make an effort. I have a few tricks that

Create an Easy Gift Wrap Station

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When birthdays come around for family or friends I am usually doing a haphazard wrapping job at the last minute, and folding some plain paper in half and writing who the gift is from and slapping it on there. I feel a little embarrassed showing up to parties and showers with an obvious lack of preparation. I want the receiver to feel like I care and put thought into their special day, and didn’t just throw something together. Here is an easy DIY wrapping station you can put up in minutes!

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Moms are simply the best aren’t they? Mothers day is coming up fast so here is a little guide to give you some inspiration on what to get mom. They do so much for us so its so much fun to give them a gift they will love and make them feel extra special.

Free Christmas Printables: Gift Tags and Notepaper with Envelopes


{guest post submitted by Mina of Mina’s Journal} Use these printouts as part of your Christmas gift giving craft stash to help you prepare for the holiday season. Grab your scissors and let’s go! One of the most recognizable motifs of Christmas has to be the tree. It conjures up images of presents, decorations and lights. Anticipation about being with the people you love, the feasting, and