Being a mom is the best job in the world, but no one ever said it would be easy. Stay at home moms, work at home moms, and working moms alike often feel isolated as they tackle the daily challenges of motherhood. Busy Mommy Media provides busy moms with easy solutions to every day parenting challenges, home management issues, balancing work and family, frugal living advice, using social media to interact with moms or build a work at home business, and more. Busy Mommy Media is written by moms just like you. We’ve changed the diapers, cleaned up the messes, and are learning how to parent effectively in a changing world.

How Busy Mommy Media Started

Rachel was parenting 2 small children (at the time) while running a busy home daycare and preschool. Each day offered many sweet rewards but was emotionally draining as adult contact was limited to nights and weekends. Rachel had a degree in English and had always wanted to write but life got in the way. In the Fall of 2006, Rachel began writing for several online parenting publications that focused on preschool education and parenting young children. With a background in education and experience running a home based business, Rachel found that she had information that moms wanted and she enjoyed building online relationships with other moms who were looking for support.

Busy Mommy Media launched in January 2007 as BusyMommy.us. In November 2009, Busy Mommy moved to busymommymedia.com and became Busy Mommy Media.

What Is Busy Mommy Media

Moms are busy. They want information that is accurate, relevant to their lives, and easy to find. Time is valuable when you have young kids at home or are juggling motherhood and a career. Busy Mommy Media brings all the information moms need together in one place and allows moms to interact and share their own experiences and insights.