Hi guys! I’m Rachel, the mom behind BusyMommyMedia.com. This site has gone through some serious changes over the years but our goal has always been to support busy moms. Being a mom is an amazing experience but it’s definitely not easy.

We want to make your job easier, whether that’s providing you with a quick and easy dinner idea or sharing solutions to every day parenting challenges, home management issues, or just making you laugh (even if you have to laugh at our mom fails).

How Busy Mommy Media Started

Check out our very first logo.

Busy Mommy Media started a bit by accident. A lot of the best things in life happen that way.

I had left my job as a teacher not long after my oldest son was born and started a home daycare and preschool in my home. I was completely immersed in the baby/toddler/preschool years and the parents of the children in my daycare often came to me for advice on parenting issues. I certainly didn’t have the answers to everything but when an issue came up I was determined to find a solution.

The children in my care took up the bulk of my time but I found that my real passion was helping the moms. I began writing for several online and offline parenting publications that focused on preschool education and parenting young children. When the main site I worked with went under I was left with a whole lot of posts and no where to put them.

I did the only logical thing. I threw together a blog and put all my content on it. Busy Mommy Media launched in January 2007 as BusyMommy.us. In November 2009, Busy Mommy moved to our current domain and became Busy Mommy Media.

Moms are busy. We want information that is accurate, relevant to our lives, and easy to find. Time is valuable when you have young kids at home or are juggling motherhood and a career. Busy Mommy Media brings all the information moms need together in one place and allows moms to learn from each other.

About Rachel


Now, for a little bit about me.

I have 6 kids. The last 2 are twins so we got a bit of a surprise (check out my crazy twin ultrasound surprise) and they are doing their best to keep all of us on our toes.

Our lives have been crazy over the last few years. After a traumatic life event (our 4th baby passed away shortly after birth) we made some pretty dramatic changes. My husband had just finished his M.B.A. so we were ready to shift things up. We sold our house and took off on a 2 week long vacation to San Diego to regroup.

We loved it so much we never left.


Can you blame us?

We went back to Utah, packed up our storage unit and moved to San Diego (We did move back to Utah for just over a year so my husband could take a job teaching in the M.B.A. program at Brigham Young University but we couldn’t stay away so the first chance we got we moved back).

Now I spend my days homeschooling 6 kids, working from home, and trying to get enough sleep.

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