Are you Using the Wrong Water Heater?

We’ve really been working to reduce our energy use over the last several years. We’ve made the switch to energy efficient appliances. Our lightbulbs have been converted to LEDs. It’s been a profitable move for us because our utility bills just keep dropping.

One place I haven’t considered looking at yet was our water heater, but a recent infographic  from The Home Depot has given me something to think about. Between washing cloth diapers and my family’s love of long baths, we could really stand to save some serious money by making sure we have the most energy efficient water heater that meets our needs.

Earth Day may be over but we’re always looking to become a bit greener by changing one thing at a time. We’re light years ahead of where we were a few years ago and I’m hopeful that by continuing to make slow progress we’ll be able to make some serious changes in the years to come.


energy_saving_water_heater_infographicsource: The Home Depot



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    Interesting…I also found this graphic from the Dept. of Energy that suggests that you can get tax credits for solar and other water heaters that fit their specs. I had no idea. I wish they’d posted the text and links (the original post doesn’t give me hope in the tech savviness of our government).

    Here is it:
    You have to click on the link to the graphic and then click on the graphic to magnify it. It’s giant. They need my company Avalaunch Media to help – but great info!!

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