Commitment – The First Step to Healthy Living


This is when it gets brutally honest. You and only you are the person that can do the exercise that will change your body. It is wonderful to have a workout buddy – in fact I highly recommend it. A buddy can keep you company, hold you accountable and push you that extra mile. That being said – it is still ultimately your commitment to lose the weight, get toned, or get in competitive condition, as the case may be. You are the one that has to get up and do it.

Let’s Get Physicals!

It is so important for you and your family to know where they stand in terms of physical health. If you are paying for health insurance you might as well use it. Many insurance companies cover the total cost of a physical or annual check-up (minus the copay of course). So for a few bucks a year you can have piece of mind that you are keeping track of things.

Finding a Gym that’s right for you


Let’s face it – if you are going to have an overall healthy level of fitness you are going to need to have access to some sort of fitness equipment. There are lots of gyms in all sorts of places. I am going to outline the pros and cons of each in hopes of helping you figure out which is best for you.

Build a Family First Aid Kit


Having a properly stocked and fresh first aid kit at all times truly can save a life. Whether it is a minor cut or an all out crisis situation being prepared is always the first step to survival. So you are probably wondering why I would take the time to write about this when you can just go down to the store and buy a

Kids Need Exercise Too!

Fitness for Kids

You are probably well aware of the recent dramatic increase in obesity among children and teens. It is truly heartbreaking to see young children weighing more than twice what is normal for their age. They are setting themselves up for a shortened lifespan, filled with countless health problems. An absence of healthy eating habits coupled with little to no physical activity, has lead these children into a sedentary lifestyle. But the good news is that it can be reversed.