Blogging: How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Make Money with Google Adsense

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked, when it comes to blogging is, “How can you earn money from your blog or website?”.  The answer is fairly simple, however, monetizing your blog can result in drastically different results based on a number of factors, including your traffic, how well you understand your readers, and the way you choose to monetize your blog.

Whether you blog purely for fun or are a professional blogger hoping to earn some money from home for your efforts, there are nearly endless options for monetizing your blog (although some are clearly better than others). One of the easiest, and most immediate things you can do to begin making money from your blog is to monetize it by using Google Adsense ads.

Don’t Expect Instant Income

Once you have a Google Adsense account, you’ll be able to create ads and insert the code onto your blog. Income from Google Adsense varies dramatically from site to site so while there are people making quite a bit of money through Google Adsense, many bloggers load the code and are disappointed to see that they are only making pennies a day. Don’t expect instant income but don’t give up home if you don’t see immediate results.

A lot of success with Google Adsense is directly related to your traffic, which will hopefully grow over time, but there is quite a bit you can do to affect your Google Adsense earnings in the meantime.

Experiment with Placement

Ad placement can make a HUGE difference in how much you earn with Google Adsense. The trick is, you won’t know what works on your site until you try it. Google allows you to track how each ad does and I highly recommend using that feature.

To create an ad, login to Google Adsense and click on “My Ads”. In that screen you’ll see a button that says “New Ad Unit”. That is what you want to click on to create a new ad unit for your site.


I like to give my ad units descriptive titles so I can easily tell which ones they are. I use locations because I tend to just create new ad blocks when I move things around but you could also describe colors or ad type and size.

make money with adsense

When you create your ad, you also have the option of creating a custom channel. Take advantage of that. This allows you to easily track how your individual ad unit is doing (and that gives me a good idea of how an ad will do in a certain spot if I’m experimenting with different placement).


I like to leave ads up for at least a few weeks at a time so I can get a good idea how they’ll do in a certain position. Make changes one at a time so you can clearly tell what works for your site. For example, if you have an ad in your sidebar and an ad within your post, but you want to see how different size ads do, only change one ad unit at a time. This will let you see which ad size does better in each space.

Play around with a combination of text ads and image ads in each location as well. Depending on your site readership, different types of ads may do better than others.

Experiment with Colors

Colors can make a huge difference in how ads will do on your site too. If you are using image based ads this won’t make too big of a difference but colors of text ads can make a big difference in your results. Many bloggers are tempted to use colors that match existing colors on their site. While this may work since the ads blend in with your existing content, you may also find it more effective to use different colors that compliment the other colors on your site. Again, change one element at a time until you find what works the best for your site.

Don’t Get Too Settled

Once you find something that works, don’t stop experimenting. Many factors can influence your site and will change the way your ads behave. I notice a change in Google Adsense ad performance as the seasons change, as my blog grows, and during holidays. Pay attention to those changes and mix things up a bit if your ad revenue goes down or you hit a plateau.

Be patient. Even if you don’t see immediate results, you can earn an income from your blog using Google Adsense. When I first started using Adsense, I barely made pennies at a time. It was discouraging. But as my traffic grew and I learned how to play around with Adsense, my income increased. Now I get a check from Google Adsense every single month and it’s a very dependable source of income for me.

Have you had success with Google Adsense? What have you done to make it work?


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    These are good tips!! I am getting my first check this week and while it is not a huge amount. It is to me and I am so excited about it. Extra Money coming in from something so simple is always welcome!
    Carly´s last blog post ..Pregnancy Pick me ups

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