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When I first moved to San Diego I decided that if I didn’t take up running I could never hang out with the cool kids. It probably comes from having 70 degree weather year round but running is as popular here as binge TV watching was for me as a teenager (*cough* adult *cough*). While I have yet to take up full blown running, I did start walking (with spurts of jogging) with my kids as we explored new trails in the area and we all enjoyed getting out in the fresh air. My pregnancy sidelined me for a bit but now that my twins are here I’m anxious to get back out and lose the baby weight.

I quickly learned that the jogging stroller of choice around here was overwhelmingly the BOB. Many people use it as an everyday stroller too but if you are out on the trails, by far the BOB is what you are going to see. I’ve had several other jogging strollers in the past that I always thought were just fine. Last fall I finally gave in and bought myself a single BOB stroller.

I was in love.

The fold was seriously simple. The stroller pushed like a dream. It even made my awkward walk/job a little less awkward. My daughter was so comfortable in the stroller that she would sit in it without complaining and when we were heading out the door, it was always the stroller she’d ask for. I wondered what had taken me so long to jump on the BOB bandwagon.

Then I found out I was pregnant . . . with twins. My beautiful, single BOB stroller was definitely not going to work anymore so only a month after finally getting a BOB I had to give it up.

I knew I was going to have to put some serious work into getting back in shape after the twins were born so I was thrilled when BOB contacted me at the end of my pregnancy and gave me the chance to review the BOB Revolution SE Duallie stroller. I had high expectations for this stroller after how much I loved the BOB single I owned and it has not disappointed. My twins are still new so while we haven’t taken off jogging yet, we have taken it all over the place as I’ve tried to regain my ab muscles after my c-section.


Ignore my fatness. Did I mention I just had twins?

First things first, how does the BOB Revolution SE Duallie push? This is by far the most important feature in a double stroller and this stroller is amazing. It’s obviously a larger stroller but it can still be pushed with one hand. Maneuverability is awesome. With 3 kids under 2 we’ve been taking two strollers out sometimes and we always fight over who gets to push the BOB. The air filled tires give it a really nice feel

My husband is tall and he loves that he doesn’t kick the stroller as he walks even with a long stride.

What about functionality? I love, Love, LOVE the shade on this stroller. The canopies come down so far that it keeps my twin’s legs shaded. The recline on the seats isn’t super deep but it’s deep enough that my almost 2 month month old twins can sleep comfortably in it.


Storage is always important, especially when you are taking two babies out anywhere. The basket on the stroller is big enough that it fits my rather large diaper bag. I do have to wiggle it in a bit because the opening isn’t super big but it does fit. I love that there are mesh storage pockets on the back of each seat as well as mesh pockets on either side of each seat that are perfect for holding baby bottles, water bottles, or odds and ends.


The front wheel swivels for maneuverability or it can lock if you want to get a bit more serious about your running. I’m getting there, I promise.

The straps are nice and easy to adjust. I rotate between my 2 year old and infant twins riding so I need to be able to adjust the straps quickly. The hight can be adjusted by simply sliding the straps up and down — super easy.

BOB stroller


There’s kind of an added perk to this stroller if you have other kids. My 2 year old walks most places but she gets tired sometimes. The front of this stroller is wide enough that she can use it as a seat to sit and rest when we stop. While I know this is definitely not what they designed it for, it’s kind of nice when you have tired kids and there are no seats in sight.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering about the fold. This IS a big stroller. That’s part of what makes it so nice to push. The fold is amazingly easy. Two little levers push near the handle, you push it forward and grab a little handle on the back of the stroller to pull it the rest of the way closed. Super simple. It is a bit bulky to move around when it’s folded but for a stroller that size it’s still a nice, compact fold. If you have a smaller trunk you can even remove the wheels if you need to fit it in a tighter space. It fits in the back of my mini-van just fine with the wheels on but we’ve thrown it in the back of my mom’s Accord by removing the wheels.

This is fantastic stroller to get you out and moving with your kids. We’ve taken it to an amusement park too and absolutely loved it. It is a larger stroller so it would be a tight fit in most stores if you want to use it as an everyday stroller but you could certainly use it in stores that have larger aisles like Target.

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    Amber says

    I have a one year old daughter and am currently pregnant with my second. Would love to have this wonderful stroller for when #2 arrives!

  2. 255


    Always love the BOB! I’ve never considered other stroller brands. It’s time for me to get a duallie to run outside with two little angels.

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