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Motherhood Realized

As moms, we all have moments when we feel less-than. Moments we wonder what we are doing and how we could have become so far removed from our visions of the “ideal” mother. To be honest, Mother’s Day makes me feel like that a bit. With all the talk about motherhood and being the perfect mom, the day, while meant as a tribute, usually gives me cause to think about all my shortcomings.

Fortunately, we’re usually harder on ourselves than our kids are. While we may think they need Pinterest-worthy birthday cakes, elaborately scheduled activities, and a mother who can sing all the nursery rhymes on key, kids are usually happy enough to sit down and tell you about their favorite toy.

We have to remind ourselves of that sometimes. The important is easy to overlook when there are so many things to distract us. I was introduced to the book Motherhood Realized from Power of Moms.

This anthology of essays on motherhood is the perfect way to re-inspire yourself as a mom. It’s set up perfectly for busy moms because it can be read in those stollen moments you have throughout the day and each essay leaves you with a fresh perspective.

I’ve been slowly working my way through the book from my perch on the couch as I count off the days in this pregnancy. My attention span is short these days so I appreciate the ability to jump into the book and get a quick snippet.

As I read, I was struck by an essay by Allyson Reynolds about what it means to be a “good mom”. I’ll admit I’ve been feeling  less than a great mom lately. It’s hard to be the fun mom when you are stuck on bed rest and just feeling generally grumpy. The concept brought up in this essay really made me reevaluate things though.

Allyson talks about the fact that being a good mom used to be defined as someone who kept the house clean and cooked delicious meals. Since then, the definition of a “good mom” has, as Allyson puts it, “ballooned into an impossibly broad definition that includes the domestic goddess as well as the fitness guru, fashionista, home-based business woman, and unstoppable soccer mom. My definition of what it meant to be a good mom was now spanning two or three generations of Supermoms.”

Raise your hand if you are guilty of this.

It’s impossible for any one of us to be everything to everybody. We know this logically, right. Getting it through our heads can sometimes be tricky though. This Mother’s Day I hope that we’ll all cut ourselves some slack and celebrate the mothers we are rather than the mothers we wish we could be.

Motherhood Realized

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