20 REAL Ways to Earn Money from Home

20 Real Ways to Earn Money from Home from BusyMommyMedia.com

Finding a real work from home job is a dream for many moms. I’m asked all the time for tips for finding a steady home-based job. Working from home definitely comes with some challenges but when you have young kids at home, it can be a great way to be available for your kids while still contributing to the family finances. We have some real ways moms can earn money from home with these legitimate work from home jobs!

How to Start a Blog When you Have No Free Time

How to Start a Blog when you Have no Free Time on BusyMommyMedia.com

Are you thinking about starting a blog? It can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning, especially if you don’t consider yourself a tech genius (or if you are like me and can break anything that plugs in just by looking at it). Don’t let that scare you away though. Fortunately, (for you and me) there are some very simple short cuts that can get you blogging in no time.

Create an Easy Gift Wrap Station

gift wrap station

When birthdays come around for family or friends I am usually doing a haphazard wrapping job at the last minute, and folding some plain paper in half and writing who the gift is from and slapping it on there. I feel a little embarrassed showing up to parties and showers with an obvious lack of preparation. I want the receiver to feel like I care and put thought into their special day, and didn’t just throw something together. Here is an easy DIY wrapping station you can put up in minutes!

How are you Going to Pay for College?

Do you need a vacation? Here are 5 clues you may need to relax.

I have 6 kids and one of the questions I field a lot when people find out that I have a big family is, “how in the world are you going to pay for college for all those kids?”. We have a few options for you, including a ScholarShare 529 plan that is offer to match funds for 529 Day!