Deal Alert: $50 Off Anki Drive Starter Kit

Anki Drive

If you haven’t heard of Anki drive before think of it as a modern version of slot cars that you can control with your iPhone. It’s been a HUGE hit with my boys and right now Amazon has the starter kit on sale for $50 off. You can get the mat and 2 cars for $99.00.

Deal Alert: Emergency Preparedness Supplies from Thrive

Thrive Black Friday

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a consultant for Thrive Life. I’m not usually a sales person but we’ve been using the products for over 4 years and started selling it primarily because I get such a phenomenal discount as a consultant. They have a great line of freeze dried and basic foods that work great as food storage so you are prepared for an emergency.

Deal Alert: Kindle Black Friday Sale

Amazon Kindle Deals

I love my tablet but for reading you just can’t beat the Kindle. I’m prone to headaches and reading on a kindle is just so much easier on my eyes and I like having something lighter weight for reading. Amazon has some fantastic Kindle deals going on for Black Friday weekend, including some great bundles that include 6 months of Kindle Unlimited.