ecoATM Pays Cash for your Outdated Electronics

Eco ATMIt’s not very often that I run across a company that has a genuinely innovative idea and the courage to be creative with it. EcoATM is a San Diego based company that’s making some serious waves in the recycling world. They have freestanding kiosks that allow you to make money recycling your used phones and other electronic gadgets. You can make anywhere from $1 to $300 for your used gadgets and you can feel good knowing that your electronic waste isn’t ending up in a landfill. Think eBay meets Coinstar.

I consider myself fairly green. I recycle. I use cloth diapers. I drive an electric car. But I’ll admit that recycling electronic waste has always been a tricky task for me. We’re all well aware of my husband’s (aka Busy Dad) obsession with electronics. I won’t admit how many boxes filled with wires and gadgets we brought with us when we moved back to San Diego. Finding the time to take those gadgets to an electronics recycling center at the end of their life often doesn’t happen.

My kids and I were at a local museum recently and they had a really great, hands-on recycling game. My kids raced to recycle different items, making sure that each item ended up where it should be whether that was the landfill, the recycling center, or the electronic waste center. When we got home that night, my little environmentalists wanted to know why we didn’t have a recycling box for electronic waste. Good question! I’m adding it to my to-do list.

EcoATM has kiosks in major malls and hopes to expand to shopping centers and other high traffic areas nationwide soon. I will definitely be hunting down an ecoATM kiosk the next time we have an unused gadget lying around and the fact that you can earn money at the same time you are decluttering your house is a major bonus!

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post but ecoATM is hiring for a community manager and I would love to help them out.



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    That’s a pretty cool idea! We still have several old cell phones sitting around the house. I keep hearing warnings about not tossing old electronics in the trash, but I rarely know where I can take them. Getting some money would definitely be nice. It’s nice to see a company taking recycling to the people in a modern way.
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      Rachel @ Busy Mommy Media says

      Karen I’m in the same boat. We’ve been letting the kids play with old cell phones but we have way too many floating around. Anything that makes something I should be doing anyway easier AND pays me money for it is a winner in my book.

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    Wow, what a long over due idea! I had no clue something like this even existed. I too have a gadget-loving hubby and all sorts of things I would LOVE to deposit in that Kiosk. I know I have many friends who are the same. I think I hang on to way to much junk because it seems wrong to just throw them away, since it’s not your average trash. Wondering where you can find one of these bad boys….

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