Twitter Parties

A Twitter Party is an online party and micro-blogging event rolled into one. During a Twitter party, participants “Tweet” using a hashtag (#keyword) at the end of each related post. A hash tag allows the post to be found in search results and makes it easier for party goers to keep track of the party posts. Twitter parties often feature expert panel members, offer giveaways, and provide coupon codes to attendees.

Why Attend a Twitter Party

Twitter parties are fun and are a great way to get to know other people with similar interests. Attending Twitter parties and participating in the conversation is a great way to increase your own Twitter following and find interesting people to follow. Twitter parties frequently offer perks to party attendees such as prizes, coupon codes, and opportunities to communicate with industry experts.

Attending a Twitter party is absolutely free. All you need to attend is a Twitter account.

Why Sponsor a Twitter Party

Twitter parties spark contagious conversation that has an effect that lasts well after the party ends. Twitter parties generally last for 1-2 hours and can often create thousands of tweets about a sponsor’s product or service. A Twitter party can include discussion questions to encourage consumers to understand the benefits of the product, why it is needed, and what it can do for them. Sponsors can attend Twitter parties as an expert panel member and answer consumer’s questions directly, in real time. Twitter parties often become trending topics and receive increased visibility on Twitter. Party attendees follow the party sponsor on Twitter in order to make it easier to see the party posts and share party posts with their own Twitter following. This can help the sponsor to quickly increase their Twitter following and establish themselves as an authority in their field.

Sponsoring a Twitter party through Busy Mommy Media is very affordable, even for small business owners. If you are interested in receiving more information on sponsoring a Twitter party, please contact us.


When moms get together to brainstorm, amazing things can happen. #MomStorm Twitter parties are a paid sponsorship opportunity that allows for increased promotion, exposure, and focus on the sponsoring company. Twitter Party sponsors receive:

  • Sidebar advertising for the week of the party (300×250)
  • Dedicated mailing to our newsletter list promoting the party
  • Update to our Facebook Fans promoting the party
  • Blog post featured on our main page for the week of the party and permanently archived on the site
  • Promotion before the party through our Twitter and Facebook pages
  • A targeted Twitter Party Topic to get consumers talking about your product

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