Getting Ready for The Holidays…With Children.

designGetting ready for the holidays with kids can be exciting or stressful, depending on how you look at it.  As moms, we want the holiday season to be magical for our children—twinkling eyes, cold noses, warm hot chocolate.  We have images of snow covered fields filled with green Christmas trees that Daddy’s tie on the roof without any fuss.  We dream about children in cozy pajamas happily hanging shinny ornaments.  The reality is that if we are not careful, we can end up with crying babies, whining children, and frustrated mommy’s and daddy’s thinking—“When is bedtime?”

If you are like me, then you like to decorate every inch of your house—the front yard, all the rooms–you name it, it gets decorated.  I have learned that if you start pulling out boxes of decorations, things get overwhelming quickly.  Keep it simple for kids—pick out two or three things that they can help you with (things that are non-breakable) and then let them go to town.  If you are particular about how you want your tree to look, consider buying another small tree for another area in your house—let the kids have complete say on this one.  We bought a 3 inch tree for the kitchen—it has candy canes on it and all of the decorations that they bring home from school.  Then I know that there is a place for these “treasures”—just maybe not on my tree.  I also let them each pick out a small tree for their rooms (one pink, one blue, and one green.)  We also chose a few decorations for my daughter’s doll house, including a miniature tree, which was just an old ornament from our large tree.

DSC_0154As we head into December, I plan to post some more ideas and tips about how to decorate for the Holidays, and maybe even some ideas for a few homemade gifts.  For now, just remember to relax and enjoy the magic through the eyes of your children—it truly is such an exciting time of the year!


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