Giveaway: Design & Drill Socket to Me by Educational Insights

 Educational Insights Giveaway

Let me start by saying that I really love the Design & Drill Socket to Me by Educational Insights It is engaging, well made and the best part is that it aides in your child’s development.  Educational Insights always does a phenomenal job of integrating learning and fun into their products and this is no exception.

Educational Insights Giveaway

When you open the box, the pieces inside are brightly colored and very inviting. My children could hardly wait to get their hands on the pieces!  It comes with four projects – a robot, rocket, race car and boat.  In addition, it includes a working socket wrench with real ratchet sounds and plenty of bolts. Each piece is sturdy and with the assortment of projects and colors, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Educational Insights Giveaway

This product is intended for ages four and up, but my two-and-a-half year old daughter wanted to join in on the fun.  She was too young to use the socket wrench but she loved placing the bolts in the holes with her fingers and naming each color as she did so.  It was a great way for her to identify and sort colors and practice her fine motor skills.  She was enjoying herself and especially loved feeling included with her older brother.  I was happy that this toy could be modified for a younger audience and still offer education disguised as fun.

Educational Insights Giveaway

My five-year old son chose the rocket as his project and sat still for ten minutes straight. He screwed in bolt after bolt until every hole was filled.  He has a lot of energy and usually only sits down for two to three minutes at a time.  The fact that he sat in a chair without getting up for that length of time speaks volumes about this product. 

Educational Insight Giveaway

In order to use the wrench to screw in the bolts, he had to concentrate very hard and it pushed his fine motor skills to the limit.  Even though it was challenging he was never frustrated.  He used a lot of brain power to play and felt very accomplished when his project was complete.  He had fun building his rocket and he especially loved that the socket wrench really worked.  Later in the day, he asked to play with it again and built a robot.

That’s when I decided that I really like Design & Drill Socket to Me by Educational Insights.  It’s a product that is entertaining and interesting for both of my children, which is no easy task. I can modify it to make it appropriate and educational for my daughter and my son can have fun and be challenged at the same time.  It is a toy that they can play with together, have a great time, and learn new skills at their own level.  Thanks for delivering another winner, Educational Insights.

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  1. 5

    Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I look for something that they (my grandsons) will enjoy, that will stimulate learning, creativity, socializing, etc.

  2. 11

    kelly tillotson says

    fun and educational! educational insights is a great company!
    thank you
    kelly-tillotson @

  3. 12

    Shannon F says

    I look for fun AND educational games! I really love games that teach a lifeskill of some sort or encourage creativity!

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