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Fitness ConfidentialOctober is a horrible time to recommit yourself to a diet. We start with Halloween, where we eat candy for dinner, then move onto the most food intensive holidays of the year. It doesn’t usually end well. But that’s just what I’m doing this year.

Most of you have been following my weight loss journey post-baby (or at least my attempts at it). After a year of hard work, a healthy diet, and exercise . . . I’m exactly the same weight I was last year. Yes, my metabolism hates me. My weight is perfectly willing to go up but not down so I’m not willing to loose what little progress I’ve made by giving into the holiday season and accepting weight gain as a given.

I’ve been reading Fitness Confidential this week and it’s given me some hope. Vinnie Tortorich is a trainer to the rich and famous and he’s known as “American’s Angriest Trainer”. I probably need this guy to show up at my front door and whip me into shape. Fortunately, the book does just that.

Tortorich doesn’t have any quick and easy solution that promise to get you into shape in only ten minutes a day. Nope. He admits is going to be a huge amount of work. The upside? If you commit to making changes, you’ll see progress.

He does recommend some basic changes like cutting out sugar and grain (goodbye Halloween candy. I’ll miss you this year) but he doesn’t recommend living a lifestyle that deprives you of every good thing out there. Just make it a treat. Which is what treats started out with in the first place.

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