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Lakeshore Learning giveawayI’m counting down the days until summer. My guess is you probably are too. This time of year is when I start to get serious burnout and being pregnant with twins right now, it’s even worse than usual.

One of my big concerns as we finish off each school year though is wondering if my kids are prepared for the next grade level. Are they going to forget things over the summer? Did they miss concepts during the school year that they need to review?

As parents, I think it’s in the nature of the job to question things. We all want to make sure our kids are getting everything they need academically.

I’m a long time fan of Lakeshore Learning products. For years we’ve used quite a few of them in our homeschooling efforts. Lakeshore has a great new product that can help you answer the question of whether or not your child is ready for the next school year, and in typical Lakeshore fashion they do it in a way that is super fun for kids.

The Are You Ready? Game Shows are a fun way to see if your child is ready for the next school year and they are available for kindergarten through 5th grade and are a great way to keep your child current through the summer and check to be sure they don’t have any skills that need some practice.

Coupon Offer

To get $10 off any Are You Ready? Game Show®, enter code 9141at checkout or click here for a store coupon!  Expires 7/31/14.

Enter to Win

Lakeshore Learning is giving one Busy Mommy Media reader a Are You Ready? Game Shows® in the winner’s choice of grade levels (K-5)!


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  1. 4

    Janet W. says

    We’re going to take mini vacations to places like the zoo and children’s museums, and also read a lot of books this summer.

  2. 5

    Steph says

    I picked up some workbooks for the next grade, a few books to read, and a couple learning games.

  3. 9

    Jasmine R says

    We are going to be finding local educational and fun classes to to help and of course reading every night.

  4. 11

    Cassandra Eastman says

    We spend about 30 minutes a day coloring and tracing letters, we also read a few books each night together!

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