#iHeartOmron Fitness Challenge: Week 4 Update

Omron Fitness ChallengeWe’re on week 4 of the #iHeartOmron Fitness challenge. I’m currently down 9 pounds but more importantly, I’m developing healthier habits that I hope will continue for long after this challenge ends. One of the things I’ve learned through this challenge is what an essential roll your heartrate plays in your own personal fitness.

I knew I was out of shape before this challenge started but seeing just how even short bursts of activity get my heart racing was a real eye opener. Months of bedrest during my last pregnancy really did a number on my body. When I first started this challenge I couldn’t make it through an entire workout without taking a break. Now I can make it through an entire workout . . . it’s not pretty but I can do it.

HR 500 Pedometer - Omron

I’ve learned to pay attention to my heartrate as I exercise and listen to my body so that I can push myself without overdoing it. The HJ-323U USB pedometer has really been keeping me on track and I’m excited to add the new Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor (HR-5ooU) into my daily routine. I love that this heart rate monitor doesn’t need a chest strap because honestly, I think I would really struggle to actually wear that on a daily basis. A watch I can do though. Half of the battle for me is being aware of what my body is doing. As soon as I start monitoring those things it makes a big difference in my activity level and the food choices that I make.

Bob Greene is also a fan of the Omron Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. Check out this video:

The biggest change I’ve noticed during this challenge is the way my kids have reacted. As I’ve increased my activity level, so have they. Instead of sitting around at the end of the day and watching TV, we’re going on walks together as a family. So far, even though my pants are fitting better, I don’t see much of a difference in my physical appearance, but I see a huge difference in other areas of my life.


Here’s my before picture:

iheart omron before pictures

And here are my current pictures (photos courtesy of my 9 year old son):


I can’t see a big difference, but notice the new house — that was a huge change for my family during this challenge.

Before/After Measurements:

Arms: 12″ / 11.5″

Waist: 40″ / 38″

Hips: 42″ / 40″

I carry all my weight in my stomach, which is so irritating to me, but I will be thrilled to see those numbers keep going down.

This post is sponsored Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions. 


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    Kim @ What's That Smell? says

    Great job on the losses, everything is definitely moving in the right direction! I definitely see a difference in your middle.

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