Learn Top Techniques for Straightening Your Hair

I think that the one thing that most women have in common is that they wish they had different hair. Girls with straight hair want curls, girls with curls want stick straight hair, thick versus thin, wavy or frizzy – we all want what we can’t seem to naturally produce. I fall into the way too thin, frizzy, curly hair category. Believe me, without any type of hair products or appliances, I look like the bride of Frankenstein. Not such hot look. Which is why ever since I learned what a flat iron could do for a girl like me, I was sold.

I prefer the flat ironed look for myself, and I have been flat ironing my hair for the last ten years. One of my best friends is a professional hair stylist and she has taught me how to get a great look when flat ironing my own hair. Obviously the best look is when someone else can flat iron it for you, but how many of us realistically have someone to do that for us on a regular basis?

Essential Hair Styling Tools

Before you can even begin to straighten your hair it is imperative that you have the essential tools needed to do the job.  There is a reason that your hair looks fantastic when you come out of the salon, your hair stylist uses the best tools to get your hair to do what, for you, seems the impossible.  Just as in any profession, whether you are a carpenter, a plumber or a doctor, a real professional requires professional tools to get the job done right.

  1. Buy a professional hair dryer.  I reccommend having a hair dryer that has a minimum of 1800-2000 watts, if you have really thick hair – the higher the wattage the better.  Also, it is important to have a cool shot button for oxidizing the hair with cold right after the heat to set the style.  I prefer the ceramic hair dryers because ceramic generates far infrared heat which will gently dry the hair from the inside out, in addition to creating smooth, silky hair and eliminating frizz. They have really come down in price over the years and are very affordable.  I found this Babyliss Pro BAB2000 at Amazon for only $33.47 that would work wonderfully without breaking the bank.
  2. Select a professional grade flat iron.   Ideally one that gets up to 450 degrees, solid 100% ceramic plates and heaters, curved plates which will allow you to straighten, curl or flip hair.  A plate size of 1″ works great for most but if you have really long and/or thick hair 1.5″ would work better.  I currently use the  Hana Elite 1″ Flat Iron.
  3. I like to finish off my style with a flexible hold hairspray.  My absolute favorite is Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity hairspray.  It is more expensive than most but I have found that because it is a large can and it works so well with minimal sprays that it outlasts a cheaper can of store brand knock off hairspray.  I usually only have to replace my hairspray 1-2 times per year.

Tips for Creating a Sleek and Sexy Straight Hair Style

1. Once hair is dry, quickly run the flat iron through all of your hair. When finished separate your hair into three main sections, if you have really thick hair you may need more sections.  The sections are separated from the top sections of hair on your head, to the middle and then the bottom. The top two are kept in place with an alligator prong clip.

2. Flat iron the bottom section first. Use a fine tooth comb and carefully follow the comb strokes with the flat iron. This helps keep the hair separated and untangled during the straightening process.

3. Immediately after flat ironing the section, use the cool shot button on your hair dryer and blow out the bottom section. This process helps set the style.

4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining sections.

6. When you have finished with all of the sections do any final touch ups with the flat iron and give it one final blow with the cold air.

7. At this point add flexible hold hairspray to keep your bangs  or any flyaway hairs set in place, as well as any baby hairs that surround your face.

8. This step is optional but I find that it works really well if you live in a colder climate. When you are completely done styling your hair, step outside and let your head cool off.  Shake out your hair and lift it up around the roots.  This is the same principle as the cold shot with the dryer but can be more effective because no matter what dryer you use its just not as cold as the outside air is.

If you follow these simple tips I can guarantee that you will have sleek, sexy hair!



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