Controversial Breastfeeding Commercial from Luvs

Luvs CommercialIf you’ve had enough of the Super Bowl commercials (I know I was less than impressed) check out this pro-breastfeeding commercial from Luvs that is stirring up controversy.

I’m very pro-breastfeeding, and although I’m generally more comfortable being at least partially covered while I do it, I don’t have a problem nursing my baby wherever I need to. 9 years ago when my oldest son was born I dealt with a lot more nasty looks than I have this time so I’m glad that attitudes towards breastfeeding are softening.

The latest commercial from Luvs features a comparison of the way one woman behaves as a first time mom and a few years later when she’s been there done that. I laughed like crazy at this commercial but nursing uncovered in public always seems to start a debate. No matter what your opinion is, it was way more entertaining to me than the Super Bowl commercials were.


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    I am really disgusted with this commercial. I cannot understand why someone would want to expose themselves in this manner!! What kind of a message is this sending to the children who are unfortunate enough to see it? There is enough porn on tv as it is without a company that has been in business stooping this low to sell diapers, if they haven’t purchased them as of yet what in this commercial makes you think they will now? Isn’t the whole idea of a commercial to sell your product? I sure will not be buying your product!!!

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      Katrina says

      I totally agree with Barb’s comment. I was disgusted with this commercial too. Personally I think breastfeeding is disgusting, period. I know its a natural thing, but I cannot understand how anyone thinks this is a beautiful thing. It is painful and gross. Not to mention it makes your breast sag more. YUK!!! If you must do it, do it in private. NO ONE wants to see your tits hanging out!!!!

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    Mray says

    I find this commercial offensive in the same way that I find teenagers jockeying for attention in public offensive. It’s such an obvious “look at me. you can’t stop me. but don’t stare” statement and I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. Breastfeeding in and of itself, even in public, with a cover over the baby/breast is no big whoop to me. No, the human breast isn’t inherently ugly. No, a baby feeding isn’t dirty. Sure, a baby and mother bonding is a gorgeous thing, if you’re into that (my children are dogs-by choice). Just seems to me that if you whip out your mammary in public, you better expect an awkward situation.

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      Carol says

      I find it offensive. I believe in breastfeeding, but have never done it in public exposing myself like that. It if offensive to me, and not something I want my kids to see on TV. I will NOT, ever again, buy Luvs diapers. Ladies…..if you don’t like their commercial, DO NOT buy this product! My friends and I are all going to boycott Luvs…there are plenty of other brands out there….go with the other products.

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