Patterned Target Art Project for Kids

Patterned Target Art Project for Kids

Art can be such a great stress-reliever for kids (and moms), especially for kids who have a hard time expressing their emotions. This patterned target art project gives kids a bit of direction while still leaving this a very open-ended art project that allows kids to get creative. The end result looks fantastic and kids can be proud of what they’ve created.

Wavy Paper Weaving Craft for Kids

Wavy Paper Weaving Craft for Kids on

Paper weaving crafts are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and you end up with such fun art to display when you are done. This variation on a traditional paper weaving art project uses wavy lines to create a fun pattern.

Kids Art: Painted Paper Weaving

Painted Paper Weaving on

Remember doing paper weaving art projects as a kid? They were always so much fun (even for me as someone with *ahem* absolutely no artistic ability). This painted paper weaving project is a fun twist on a classic and you can do it with materials that you probably already have at home. Older kids will love creating something unique. Younger kids can even join the fun by helping choose colors and practicing their fine motor skills. This simple kids art project is perfect for keeping kids busy and the final product looks great in a frame.

Easy Kids Art Project – Citrus Stamped Canvas

Easy kids art project - Citrus Stamped Canvas on

Need a project to keep kids busy this summer? This Citrus Stamped Canvas art project is fun for kids and adult DIYers. It’s really simple so even your really young kiddos can do it with a little help. I think this would look so cute in a kitchen or dining room! Match up the colors to the color scheme in your home. Kids love to see their artwork displayed and this is a great way to add a pop of color to your walls.

Lakeshore Learning at Home (and a Coupon!)


Lakeshore recently launched a fun new line of educational toys for the home and it includes a great selection of products that you can use to supplement your child’s education or incorporate into a homeschool curriculum! These products will be available at your local Lakeshore Learning store or online at the Lakeshore Learning at Home Site.