Lakeshore Learning at Home (and a Coupon!)


Lakeshore recently launched a fun new line of educational toys for the home and it includes a great selection of products that you can use to supplement your child’s education or incorporate into a homeschool curriculum! These products will be available at your local Lakeshore Learning store or online at the Lakeshore Learning at Home Site.

Holiday Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments


Isn’t it fun to push a spoon into the seam of a pre-made biscuit dough container and watch it pop into a spiral?

That was the inspiration for this fun and easy ornament craft. Well that, and the fact that we started going through a lot more toilet paper once my daughter potty trained. I felt I had to do something with all those rolls.

Though my daughter and I originally made these to hang in her room, they can also make gorgeous holiday ornaments.

How to Make Egg Tempera Paint


Egg tempera paint is extremely easy to make and gives you a nice shiny finish on your project. Kids can help make the paint (and practice their egg cracking skills) and this is a great way to use up expired eggs.

Hot Rocks Art for Kids


I absolutely love simple, open-ended art activities for kids – especially during the summer. That’s why I was so thrilled to find this perfect summer art activity for kids from The Little Humbugs. My kids can entertain themselves with nothing but rocks for hours (well okay, at least for 10 minutes). This activity is so simple – heating clean rocks and drawing on them with crayons – but the process allows kids to experiment with a completely new art texture and the end result looks fantastic.

Hoop Painting Fun Bag (Giveaway Closed)


Art has never been one of my strong points but as new homeschoolers I want to be sure and expose my kids to as many experiences as I can, regardless of my own level of talent. Jacquard Products has a variety of all-inclusive art kids, like the Funky Groovy Tie Dye kit that we enjoyed over the summer.

The Hoop Painting Fun Bag is a new kit that introduces kids (or adults) to silk painting. The kit is CPSIA-compliant and contains all the professional quality materials that you need to create 3 silk hoops.