Meet the Go Glider – A Balance Bike for Older Kids (Giveaway)


I was introduced to balance bikes a few years ago and I loved the concept but my kids took a little while to warm up to the idea. My youngest was 18 months old at the time and took to the idea right away but my older 2 children thought the balance bike was broken because it had no pedals. Fast forward a few years – My now 5 year old still had not learned how to ride a bike and quite honestly, was a bit intimidated by the idea of learning.

Exercising on a Budget


The New Year is right around the corner and lots of people will be making those New Year’s Resolutions. Some of the popular resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, and get healthy. While lots of people will go out and buy an expensive gym membership, you can choose not to do that and stay within your budget with free or lower cost activities. Here are several ideas to get you started.

Strider Balance Bike Review


Learning to ride a bike is a long process for kids. Toddlers normally start learning the skills they need to ride a bike with simple ride on toys, then move up to tricycles, then a bike with training wheels, until they are finally able to remove the training wheels and ride a bike on their own. Strider Balance Bikes change the process up a bit by teaching young toddlers (as young as 18 months old) how to balance by using a two wheeled bike rather than a ride on toy or tricycle and then move kids straight to a 2 wheeled bike without training wheels. Since kids who are used to riding a balance bike already know how to balance, they only need to learn how to pedal a bike rather than starting the process from scratch.