Oven Fried Chicken and Country Gravy

Oven Fried Chiken

One of my favorite comfort foods is Oven Fried Chicken and Country Gravy. But to be truthful, I really do not like cleaning the stove top that has spattered grease all over. Several years ago I started doing the Oven Fried Chicken and it is easy and really tastes fantastic. You only have to turn the chicken once while it is in the oven.

Chicken and Feta Pizza with Pesto


Homemade pizza is a tasty and easy week night family meal. You can use leftovers to make your own creations or recreate some of your favorites from a restaurant. My personal favorite is a flavor combination that I copied from a local pizza restaurant that went out of business several years ago. I was sad to see them go but after a little bit of experimenting I was able to recreate my favorite at home using a pesto base topped with chicken, pine nuts, and feta cheese.

Pan Fried Rosemary Chicken


I love pan friend chicken. Love it. It always looks like more work than it is and you can make it with an endless variety of flavors so it never gets old. This version uses wonderfully fragrant rosemary and the sweetness of onions and garlic (no arguing with me here – garlic and onions that are cooked slowly are deliciously sweet). Pan fried chicken makes a quick family dinner and even though it may not look like it, it is extremely kid friendly. My kids prefer it without the sauce because they will eat onions only if they can’t see them.

Chicken and Cream Cheese Pockets


I like to try new recipes but my family has a few favorites that we make on a regular basis because they are either easy or tasty. These chicken and cream cheese pockets are both. This simple recipe can be adapted to fit your family’s food preferences and changed to add variety to your menu plan.

Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

This chicken marsala recipe is the one I’ve been asked for the most and for the longest time, going on nearly a decade. It’s a deceptively easy chicken dish to make, though time consuming, and very much worth the effort. This is not your cafeteria chicken marsala. For starters, marsala sauce isn’t a cream sauce. It’s a wine sauce with butter and mushrooms that elevates meer chicken breast to something absolutely decadent. This makes for a fabulous dish for entertaining but also one that’s easy enough to make that it is a great Sunday dinner dish as well. Serve this on a platter covered in mushrooms and sauce and no one will even remember that it’s a holiday centered around a different bird.