January 29, 2015

Recipe: Very Veggie Shepherd’s Pie


I grew up on casseroles. There were 5 kids in my family and a casserole was a one dish wonder that could feed us all. To this day, casseroles are a total comfort food for me and with 4 kids of my own, I love how simple they make it to get dinner on the table. My mom is from England and one of the … [Read more...]

Recipe: Super Simple Fish Tacos


I realize my kids are weird but they are crazy about fish. We've fed it to them since they were babies so they really don't know any different but they will usually choose fish over just about any other main course. My kids love fast food fish tacos so much that a while back we decided to try and … [Read more...]

Recipe – Easy Greek Chicken


Chicken is a weeknight staple around our house but there's only so many times that I can make BBQ chicken before my kids start to threaten to become vegetarian. Change things up a bit with this flavorful and protein packed dinner that looks like it took you a lot more time than it really … [Read more...]