FREE Halloween Tote Bag


If you are trying to celebrate a greener Halloween this year, don’t miss out on your change to take advantage of these FREE reusable Halloween totes. These can be customized just the way you like them and stored for use year after year. I love how compact these are for storage and they can be used as festive reusable grocery bags for the entire month of October if you want to extend their use.

10 Easy Ways to Green Your Halloween


Halloween was always an exciting event for me as a child. I was never a huge fan of the haunted houses or games that required sticking my hand into something goopy and guess what it was, but dress up like a princess and have people line up to give me candy? I was all over that. As a parent, I’m not thrilled to have my kids repeat the candy gorging I did as a kid and the waste of the holiday rubs the green part of me the wrong way. Halloween traditions can be fun without harming the environment. These simple tips will help you green your Halloween and make this holiday a celebration you can feel good about.