January 30, 2015

Build a Healthy Salad

vegetable salad

You have to go to a restaurant for a “work thing” and think “Oh I will just get a salad” and be able to stick to your diet. You get your chilled plate and start to pile on all those veggies and toppings and before you know it, you have already piled over 750 calories on to your plate, hardly any of … [Read more...]

Give Your Kids an Immunity Boost


Cold and Flu season is upon us. That means it’s time to get a little boost in vitamin C for your whole family. While oranges are often our first thought as a natural source of Vitamin C, there are several other veggies that have much higher levels. The recommended daily amount (RDA) of vitamin C is … [Read more...]

5 More Reasons to eat Whole Grains

wheat before harvest

Did you know that the main reason we started to process our grains was to extend the shelf life? Humans ate whole grains for thousands of years before someone figured out that if you remove the endosperm from the germ and the bran it would stay useable longer. And since we used to have to live by … [Read more...]