January 28, 2015

Deal Alert: $50 Off Anki Drive Starter Kit

Anki Drive

If you haven't heard of Anki drive before think of it as a modern version of slot cars that you can control with your iPhone. The track is just a flat mat that you can roll up for storage and the cars can be controlled by any Apple device and select Android devices. My boys got one of these for … [Read more...]

Deal Alert: Kindle Black Friday Sale

Amazon Kindle Deals

  I love my tablet but for reading you just can't beat the Kindle. I'm prone to headaches and reading on a kindle is just so much easier on my eyes and I like having something lighter weight for reading. Amazon has some fantastic Kindle deals going on for Black Friday weekend, including … [Read more...]

30% off Rachel and the Treeschoolers & Signing Time DVDs


Have you heard of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers? If that doesn't sound familiar, you've probably heard of Signing Time. My kids have all loved the Signing Time videos and Rachel Coleman is at it again with her new series for preschoolers. The series was actually rejected because it was considered … [Read more...]

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Toddlers 1-2 Years

Toddlers are so much fun during the holidays! We searched for the perfect toddler toys for your little one and I love the list we've come up with. Many of these toys are ones that I've bought myself over the years and they are some of my kids' favorites. We looked for toys that are … [Read more...]

Deal Alert: Free Shipping from Highlights


Highlights Magazines was always one of my favorites growing up and now I'm enjoying it with my kids. Highlights has just released their 2013 holiday gift guide. In it you'll find, not only your favorite Highlights magazines but an assortment of developmentally appropriate gift ideas as well! Now … [Read more...]