Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


I hit 34 weeks pregnant last Friday and if I’m being totally honest, that was the final milestone I even had in the back of my mind. Now that I’m creeping up on 35 weeks I’m really ready to be done and I can tell my body has about had it. So this update is a bit slow but that’s kind of how everything in my life is going right now.

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


Last week did not go the way I planned. Have you ever noticed that when things get crazy all the crazy seems to come at you at once? Hopefully, after last week, I’ve earned a nice boring week this week. I didn’t get around to a  29 week update because honestly it was about the same as the week before. Things seemed stable. I stuck

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


28 weeks! I know I say this each week but that’s a huge pregnancy milestone! I’m a few days late with this update but after you read about the week we’ve had I’m sure you’ll understand. We’ve tried to keep things interesting around here this week. After things stayed stable for several weeks I guess I was due for some excitement.

Pregnancy Update: 27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


27 weeks is a huge pregnancy milestone for me. I’d like to say that time is moving faster now but it’s still dragging a bit. My days are starting to blend together a bit and while I know I’ll be dying for some downtime after these twins arrive, right now I’d give anything just to get out of my house and be busy doing something.

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks Pregnant with Twins


I’m now 26 weeks pregnant with twins so it’s time for another update! Survival rate for the twins looks a bit more optimistic. For that reason alone I feel like I can breathe a bit easier . . . figuratively speaking only of course considering the fact that one baby has decided to camp out under my ribcage.