January 31, 2015

6 Little Green Step to Green Your Community

Toilet Full of Flowers

Okay you’ve worked on greening your home and maybe have decided to ditch the fluorescent blue cleaner that gives you a headache and make you sneeze and cough OR perhaps you’re just insisting everyone take off their shoes and helps you recycle. Pat yourself on the back you have started going green … [Read more...]

Great Freebies from the National Consumer Panel


Everyone is looking for ways to earn some extra money these days. Fortunately, there really are a quite a few options for stay at home moms to earn money from home. The National Consumer Panel is now accepting applications. They provide you with a handheld scanner that you use to scan the barcodes … [Read more...]

Last Days of Swagananza!


If you have not already joined Swagbucks, you are missing out. I have earned so many Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks this year that I have hardly paid a penny out of pocket for birthday and Christmas gifts. Now that the holidays are over, I'm excited to use my Swagbucks gift certificates to feed … [Read more...]

My Love Affair with Freecycle


It all began when I moved to New Jersey.  The same home that cost $60,000 in Nebraska (where I had moved from) cost $300,000 in Jersey.  So I sat on my new living room floor.  A three year old jumping on my back, my 18 month old having an accident on our couch and nursing our new baby.  Oh-did I say … [Read more...]