How-to Create a Custom Landing Page on FB Using Photoshop


When new readers happen upon my Facebook Welcome tab they often asked who did it for me. They are often surprised to hear that I did it myself. I enjoy doing things myself, especially when it allows me to use my computer. I will be using Photoshop CS4 for this tutorial but you can achieve the same results with other graphic programs {including GIMP which is available as a free download}. You can make your own landing page too in 5 easy steps!

BlogHer 2010 Recap


It took me 4 airports, 1 hotel room, and 3 flights before I made it home from BlogHer 2010 – but I’m optimistic. BlogHer 2010 gave me an interesting opportunity to rethink the way I look at the world – my world in particular – and I find it looks a bit brighter than it did before this experience, despite my frustration with the overall personality defects of airport employees.