October 30, 2014

A Sneak Peek at Disney’s Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Into the Woods is one of my all-time favorite musicals. In high school I spent hours memorizing the words to the songs. I just loved the symbolism of the entire story. I was thrilled when I found out it was going to be coming to the big screen and I've been eagerly watching every little sneak peek … [Read more...]

BabyLit Board Book Giveaway

BabyLit Giveaway

Reading has been one of the true pleasures in my life. Books have opened doors for me and allowed me to escape for a bit when things get stressful. We do a lot of reading around here and in my house we start them young, which is why I love when I can find great board books for my kids to enjoy. My … [Read more...]

Deal Alert: Up to 60% off at Crazy 8!

Crazy 8 Deal

Is it starting to feel like the holidays to you yet? For me, as soon as Halloween sneaks up on me it seems like suddenly we rush into all the other holidays. I don't stop to breathe until January. It may be busy, but it's a blast too, especially since we're celebrating a lot of firsts this year with … [Read more...]

7 Things to Do When you are Overwhelmed

when mom is overwhelmed

As moms, we are supposed to be everything for everyone. That’s how it works, right? But what happens when you are burned out. What happens when you are overwhelmed and just need someone to take care of you so you can gather your bearings. As moms, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we need to … [Read more...]

Halloween Craft: Chinese Jack-O-Lantern

Chinese Paper Jack-O-Lantern

My kids love making their own holiday decorations. This simple Halloween craft is a fun twist on a paper Chinese lantern -- it's a Chinese Jack-O-Lantern! This is super simple to make and can be adapted for even the youngest kids. Halloween is nearly here and I have a confession. I have yet to … [Read more...]