October 24, 2014

News: The Royal Baby is Here!


It's an exciting day for those of you who have been on royal baby watch. Early this morning, Kate Middleton and Prince William arrived at St. Mary's Hospital. It was just announced that the royal baby is here and it's a prince!  Now we all get to anxiously wait to find out what his name will be. … [Read more...]



There's very little to say after yesterday's tragedy in Boston. With each new heartbreak, I'm left more and more speechless. How can such evil exist in the world? As a mother, it breaks my heart to hear of such suffering and I think of all the mother's who are suffering in the aftermath of … [Read more...]

Controversial Breastfeeding Commercial from Luvs

Luvs Commercial

If you've had enough of the Super Bowl commercials (I know I was less than impressed) check out this pro-breastfeeding commercial from Luvs that is stirring up controversy. I'm very pro-breastfeeding, and although I'm generally more comfortable being at least partially covered while I do it, I … [Read more...]

Talking with Your Kids About the Aurora Tragedy

Aurora Shooting

It's always devastating when our kids have to face the realities of an unfair world. With the Aurora Tragedy freshly on our minds, it's important to realize that kids have a hard time dealing with tragedy in the news as well. My kids have had their fair share of tragedy in their lives and having … [Read more...]

News: Michelle Duggar Miscarries her 20th Child

Michelle Duggar Miscarries

There's a lot of chatter about Michelle Duggar over Facebook and other social media channels today. It was announced earlier in the day that she miscarried her 20th child and everyone seems to have a lot to say on the subject. The comments have ranged from supportive to things so nasty that I really … [Read more...]