October 20, 2014

Nearly Instant Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

banana oatmeal

I grew up on oatmeal so it's a staple breakfast food around our house. My dad used to make huge pots of oatmeal and I've always loved the endless flavor options. We eat it several times a week and it's wonderful because it's cheap and fills everyone up. With 8 people in our house though, the cost … [Read more...]

Recipe: Easy Crustless Chard Quiche


I love when summer vegetables start to come into season. Growing up, my dad would always grow tons and tons of chard in the backyard so I got used to eating it sautéd in some butter with nearly every meal. This easy crustless chard quiche takes almost no time to prepare and is a great way to get … [Read more...]

Recipe – Strawberry Coconut Pancake Stacks

Strawberry coconut pancake stack

We are a little bit obsessed with pancakes around my house. It's our go-to breakfast when we feel like relaxing in the morning. I have a rule about pancakes though - they must be made with bananas in them. I make a few exceptions like our orange juice pancakes or apple filled pancakes, but as a … [Read more...]

Recipe – Orange Juice Pancakes

Orange Juice Pancakes

Some recipes are born out of desperation. Earlier this summer, I found myself facing 4 cases of oranges. Yes. 4 CASES. We had family and friends coming in from out of town to see our new baby so we hosted a brunch. Planning food for large groups of people is not one of my strong points so the day … [Read more...]

Recipe: Mason Jar Waffles

Mason Jar Waffles

Summer vacation is fast approaching at my house. My preschooler just finished and my other three kids have one week left. During the school year my kids eat breakfast and lunch at school, so, as a stay at home mom, I have to start serving those meals to my kids again. I like to find meals that … [Read more...]