October 24, 2014

Getting Dinner on the Table with Fresh & Easy

Fresh and Easy

Chaos thrives at my house so getting dinner on the table can be a challenge to say the least. We tend to avoid eating out unless it's a special occasion though so I need to have a backup plan on those nights when things get away from me. We've had a crazy week where it seems like we've had every … [Read more...]

Thrive Announces a New Organic Food Line

Thrive Organic

We use a lot of Thrive food from Shelf Reliance in our house because it's an enormous time saver and I love feeling like I can cook a decent dinner whether or not I've been to the grocery store recently. If you haven't tried their line of freeze dried foods, trust me, they are delicious. My kids … [Read more...]

Cooking: Thanksgiving Time Saving Tips for Rolls


Thanksgiving is fast approaching and soon we will be sitting down and eating a feast. Most people think you can’t have a Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey, but for me it is the rolls. I remember growing up, my grandmother always made the best rolls, and we all looked forward to them each year. … [Read more...]

Save Time and Money with Your Crock Pot


During the first few months of the year, my schedule gets really busy. I have one child who plays basketball for his school and two other kids who are on a dance team that performs during halftime for these and other games. So, by the time my kids get home from school and get ready to go to the … [Read more...]

Creamy Yogurt Cups a Perfect After School Snack

WB 046

Two times of the day that can be a little hairy at our house are breakfast and after school.  The kiddos are hungry and they are looking for whatever isn't nailed down to eat.  If not careful, they will eat their body weight in junk and empty calories.  One trick I have is to make sure to have … [Read more...]