October 31, 2014

Easy School Night Meal – Garden Fresh Tuna Melts

Garden Fresh Tuna Melt

With school back in session my schedule just got a whole lot busier. Considering the summer my family has had that's saying a lot. Busy or not though, I'm ready for a routine and the return to normal (whatever that is). Hectic schedules require moms to have some simple and affordable weeknight meals … [Read more...]

Recipe: Tuna Stuffed Avocado

stuffed avocado

I really struggle with lunches. Dinners I can plan for but lunches tend to be just one of those things that happens. I realize I could plan my lunches out too but I've tried that and I never follow through. I find it's easier if I keep ingredients on hand that I can use to throw together a simple … [Read more...]

Recipe: Jalapeño Peach Shrimp Skewers

Hungry Girl Jalapeno Shrimp Skewers_Final

Forget burgers and hot dogs. There are endless combinations you can use your grill for this summer, including this sweet and spicy recipe for Jalapeño Peach Shrimp Skewers from Hungry Girl. For more tips & tricks from Hungry Girl, sign up for free daily e-mails. #GrillWithPompeian Twitter … [Read more...]

Recipe: Super Simple Fish Tacos

easy fish taco recipe

I realize my kids are weird but they are crazy about fish. We've fed it to them since they were babies so they really don't know any different but they will usually choose fish over just about any other main course. My kids love fast food fish tacos so much that a while back we decided to try and … [Read more...]

Easy Shrimp Pasta that Kids Will Eat

Easy Shrimp Pasta

Dinner time can be a challenge and far too often we have to pick between good food and food that is easy to cook, fast food and food that tastes good. This simple pasta recipe takes only minutes to put together and it's tasty and healthy too! You can't beat that. I used to be really good about menu … [Read more...]