October 31, 2014

Pine Cone Christmas Tree


This post is an old favorite that was first published years ago. My not so little boy is now 10 and I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. My preschooler loves to make open ended crafts that can be displayed as holiday decorations. These easy pine cone Christmas trees make beautiful and … [Read more...]

Popsicle Stick Snowflake

What better way to celebrate winter than by creating your own beautiful snowflake. This simple preschool craft uses only a few basic art supplies and is easy for preschoolers to make on their own. What You Need 4 large craft sticks Blue paint Paintbrush Paper Plate Glitter Craft … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Christmas Tree


Gingerbread houses are a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season but they can be difficult and frustrating for preschoolers to make on their own. This simple variation of the traditional gingerbread house is easy for preschoolers to make on their own and creates a fun gingerbread Christmas tree … [Read more...]

Runaway Snowball – Preschool Science Activity

This is a great winter preschool science activity that uses a really cute poem. This poem is one that I used to use with my daycare children and it is such a fun way to teach about different states of matter. This activity requires very few materials but preschoolers love collecting a snowball and … [Read more...]