October 26, 2014

Caterpillar and Butterfly Preschool Theme

girl paint hands

With spring upon us, it’s always fun to start talking about bugs.  One of the most interesting bugs, of course is the butterfly. Circle Time Start by asking what they know about butterflies, and read some fun facts from a library book about them.  Show pictures of many different kinds and talk … [Read more...]

Bringing Your Toys To Life With Webkinz Jr.


Right after we adopted our Boxer puppy last Spring, my then 3 year-old daughter decided she needed to have her own puppy, too.  Actually, two puppies.  Imaginary puppies -- Holly and Polly!  I have no idea what kind of dog they are but they have been with us this entire last year.  She loves to talk … [Read more...]

Preschool Pretend Play : Cardboard Box City

Preschoolers love playing with very simple toys. Cardboard boxes have entertained preschoolers for generations and they can provide hours of constructive creative play. Preschoolers can use their imagination to create their own cardboard box city as part of a pretend play center in the preschool … [Read more...]

The Importance of Pretend Play for Preschoolers

The wonderful thing about encouraging preschoolers to participate in pretend play is that it can become whatever they want it to be. Preschoolers who are interested in cars can create a pretend garage or race track. Preschoolers who want to imitate their parents can set up a center that mimics their … [Read more...]

Post Office Pretend Play Center

Add some variety to your preschool pretend play center by creating some simple mailboxes and putting that extra junk mail to good use. Preschoolers can learn a lot about the way the world works by participating in pretend play activities. Give preschoolers a chance to be a postman with only a few … [Read more...]