October 24, 2014

Explore the New Legoland Hotel!

Legoland Hotel

I have a lot of random memories from family vacations when I was a child. I remember hunting for crabs on the beach after dark. I remember a Hello Kitty drawing set I was given to keep me busy in the car. I remember playing elaborate made-up games on a playground at our hotel. Vacations are a … [Read more...]

Mickey and the Magical Map Opens at Disneyland

Mickey and the Magical Map

Disclosure: I received tickets to Disneyland through a promotion on the Disneyland Parks blog, however I was not asked to blog about this event and all opinions are my own.  My kids are crazy about Disneyland, which is probably why they were so mad at me for going without them last Friday … [Read more...]

Travel: Disneyland for the Holidays


This holiday season, especially in wake of such a terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook, many of us are stopping to reflect on what the holidays are really about. It isn't really the gifts that matter. Time spent with your family is priceless. Memories you make together can never be taken away from … [Read more...]

Travel – Legoland, CA with a Baby

Legoland California

Legoland is my kids' happy place. They'd rather go there than any other place in the world. When we moved away from San Diego in 2011 they were not happy with us. They didn't really care that they were leaving the beach (which is my happy place) or the year round sun -- they wanted to stay near … [Read more...]

The Legoland Hotel is Coming Soon

Legoland Hotel

My family has made some wonderful memories at Legoland California, and now that we've moved out of state, it's the thing my kids miss the most. Since we have a bit more travel time to visit Legoland now that we don't live just down the street, my kids are anxiously watching as the Legoland Hotel … [Read more...]