November 1, 2014

Is Being a Mom the Hardest Job in the World?


You hear this phrase a lot as a mom. It usually comes from someone trying to sell you something. Or someone who doesn’t have kids yet. They generally scrunch up their face like they are talking to something absolutely squeeze-it’s-cheeks adorable before they say it.  Then it comes: “Being a mom is … [Read more...]

What is your Mommy Guilt Telling You?


When my oldest son was born, I vividly remember holding him in my arms in the hospital and feeling myself changed as a person. Motherhood changes all of us, and while I expected the change in perspective, the softening of my personality, I wasn’t prepared for something else that tends to come with … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy While Working From Home


Whether you’ve been a WAHM for one day or many years, one thing you know for sure is that running a home based business requires your attention. If your children are at home during your business hours, they require much of your attention too (or at least they demand it). What’s a WAHM to do? These 3 … [Read more...]

Tips to Stay Productive as a WAHM with a Newborn


Balancing a newborn and a WAHM position can create quite a challenge. Your home office just got a bit more crowded, and you’re struggling to remain attentive on your conference call while changing a dirty diaper at your beloved desk! Yes, caring for a newborn and maintaining a home business can be … [Read more...]

The Best WAHM Jobs for New Moms


Becoming a mom - whether it is your first time around or 5th - can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true when you have to financially support your baby or children and you find that going back to work just doesn’t appeal to you anymore.  There is hope; you can make the money you need to … [Read more...]