October 20, 2014

30 Days to Sanity


Stress makes you 3 times more likely to experience heart problems, back problems, infections, injuries, and mental health problems AND makes you 5 times more likely to experience certain forms of cancer. That is a major problem. Stress can affect us deeply and it can affect every aspect of our … [Read more...]

WAHM Job Leads: Writers and Editors

lady with computer2

Customer service job do require that you have a quiet work area. If you have small children, you may want to look for work that you can do from home that does not involve working on the phone. One alternative to customer service is writing. Many moms have found that they enjoy writing, and the … [Read more...]

Turn Your Passion into a Paycheck


Far too many people dislike the work they do. It doesn’t have to be this way. Yes,    we all have an array of expenses to cover, but there’s no need to sacrifice your time and ultimately your happiness doing something you don’t love! Whether you work outside of the home and have a strong desire to … [Read more...]

Is Being a Mom the Hardest Job in the World?


You hear this phrase a lot as a mom. It usually comes from someone trying to sell you something. Or someone who doesn’t have kids yet. They generally scrunch up their face like they are talking to something absolutely squeeze-it’s-cheeks adorable before they say it.  Then it comes: “Being a mom is … [Read more...]

What is your Mommy Guilt Telling You?


When my oldest son was born, I vividly remember holding him in my arms in the hospital and feeling myself changed as a person. Motherhood changes all of us, and while I expected the change in perspective, the softening of my personality, I wasn’t prepared for something else that tends to come with … [Read more...]