October 25, 2014

Healthy Hair – From the Inside and Out


Having healthy looking hair is something most every woman strives for on a daily basis. Being a mom can make it an even more difficult goal, as we don’t always have time for a deep conditioning session, let alone a day at the salon – for lack of time and money. So what can you do at home to help? … [Read more...]

Top Ten Beauty Products from Head to Toe for Spring/Summer 2010

summer beauty

With Spring all ready here and Summer rapidly approaching its time to get our beauty butts in gear!  As the seasons change so do our beauty regimens. Your hair, skin and make-up react differently as the weather heats up so now is the time to change your beauty routine from head to toe.  Below is a … [Read more...]

Learn Top Techniques for Straightening Your Hair


I think that the one thing that most women have in common is that they wish they had different hair. Girls with straight hair want curls, girls with curls want stick straight hair, thick versus thin, wavy or frizzy - we all want what we can't seem to naturally produce. I fall into the way too thin, … [Read more...]

Shear Miracles By Robyn (Giveaway!)


Shear Miracles by Robyn is a great line of beauty products that takes a holistic approach to beauty. All products are preservative free, GMO free, organic, and so pure you could eat them. Treat your skin to beauty products that are pure and promote healing from the inside out. Organic Shampoo and … [Read more...]

Mom Review: Products for Thinning Hair

bn223029 tricomin stock photo

I am not sure if any of the Busy Mommy readers have the same problem that I have; thinning hair.  My hair was gorgeous while I was pregnant with both of my kids and I never had any seasonal hair loss.  But after I had my kids, my hair started to thin like I expected but it was problematic to my self … [Read more...]