October 21, 2014

Homemade Baby Food in 15 Minutes or Less

baby eating food

I am blogging on behalf of Walmart.com, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Walmart’s. Shop online and save money to live better at http://www.walmart.com. You know that baby shower game where you taste baby food and try to guess what food it is? I played that once while … [Read more...]

Are You Drinking Enough Water –- Easy Ways to Increase Your Water Intake


Dehydration can cause you to have headaches, make you tired, irritable and depressed, gain weight, and allow toxins to build up in your body. Because our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water, water affects the way every organ in our body functions. Without adequate amounts of water, our body … [Read more...]

End of Summer Healthy Living E-Book Bundle

healthy living e-book bundle

We hear a lot about the things we are not supposed to do these days. Don't eat farmed salmon. Don't eat GMO foods. Don't use beauty products if they contain x, y, or z ingredient. And I try my best. I really do. But sometimes I get really sick of hearing what I'm not supposed to do and just … [Read more...]

Thrive Announces a New Organic Food Line

Thrive Organic

We use a lot of Thrive food from Shelf Reliance in our house because it's an enormous time saver and I love feeling like I can cook a decent dinner whether or not I've been to the grocery store recently. If you haven't tried their line of freeze dried foods, trust me, they are delicious. My kids … [Read more...]

I’m Part of the #iheartOmron Fitness Challenge!

Omron Fitness Challenge

We all have ah-ha moments in our lives. When I saw Bookieboo post the #iheartOmron Fitness Challenge on Facebook I just KNEW that I had to do it. Like so many things in life, the timing is horrible. I have a 7 month old baby. I'm homeschooling. I'm planning on a move in the next few weeks. I'm … [Read more...]