October 31, 2014

7 Things to Do When you are Overwhelmed

when mom is overwhelmed

As moms, we are supposed to be everything for everyone. That’s how it works, right? But what happens when you are burned out. What happens when you are overwhelmed and just need someone to take care of you so you can gather your bearings. As moms, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we need to … [Read more...]

Simplify your Contacts with the NEW Swop App!

Swop App

  Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Swop. We only share things that we genuinely believe will be useful to you, though, and all opinions are my own. I love it when a great connection happens. The other day I was at my kids’ school where they have classes once a week as part of our … [Read more...]

Moms! Best Apps to Keep you Organized

best apps for moms

I used to be an organized person. Really, I did. Then I had kids and my brain turned to mush. I can't remember anything on my own. I usually rely on my 8 year old and his unbelievable memory or my smart phone to keep me on track. Fortunately there are plenty of apps to keep me on top of things. … [Read more...]

Keep your Kids Safe Online and Win with #ShareAwesome


I still remember when my family got our first computer. It had DOS and did absolutely nothing cool. A few years later my dad started talking about this awesome new thing, called the internet, that everyone was going to start using. I totally didn't believe him. If I want to blow my kids minds I … [Read more...]

10 Jobs you can Delegate to your Kids

jobs to delegate to kids

I joke around that I secretly have 6 kids because I don’t want to do all the housework by myself. Well that may not be true, I do expect my kids to pitch in around the house. Oddly enough, I’ve had people tell me it’s selfish of me to have more than 2 kids because they’ll have to do chores. My first … [Read more...]