October 22, 2014

Naturepedic No-compromise Organic 2-in-1 Twin Mattress Review

Naturepedic twin mattress review

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate my review, however, all opinions are my own.  My home is never going to be featured in a magazine. We are real here and for us that means lots of little boy clutter and plenty of noise. I tried buying fancy comforters for my boys' beds once but they … [Read more...]

How to Create an Asthma-Friendly Bedroom

asthma-friendly bedroom

When my son was diagnosed with asthma we knew that we'd need to make some changes around our home to improve his health. One of the first places we needed to make changes was his bedroom. Kids spend up to 12 hours a day sleeping, depending on their age, so it makes sense that a child with asthma … [Read more...]

End of Summer Healthy Living E-Book Bundle

healthy living e-book bundle

We hear a lot about the things we are not supposed to do these days. Don't eat farmed salmon. Don't eat GMO foods. Don't use beauty products if they contain x, y, or z ingredient. And I try my best. I really do. But sometimes I get really sick of hearing what I'm not supposed to do and just … [Read more...]

Naked Clean – Using a Housekeeper for Stress Relief

Naked Clean

Disclosure: I received free services to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own and no additional compensation was given.  For most of us, being busy is just a fact of life. Sometimes that gets a little overwhelming though, doesn't it? I work at home. I homeschool. I have 4 … [Read more...]

Are you Using the Wrong Water Heater?


We've really been working to reduce our energy use over the last several years. We've made the switch to energy efficient appliances. Our lightbulbs have been converted to LEDs. It's been a profitable move for us because our utility bills just keep dropping. One place I haven't considered looking … [Read more...]