October 25, 2014

Moms! Best Apps to Keep you Organized

best apps for moms

I used to be an organized person. Really, I did. Then I had kids and my brain turned to mush. I can't remember anything on my own. I usually rely on my 8 year old and his unbelievable memory or my smart phone to keep me on track. Fortunately there are plenty of apps to keep me on top of things. … [Read more...]

10 Jobs you can Delegate to your Kids

jobs to delegate to kids

I joke around that I secretly have 6 kids because I don’t want to do all the housework by myself. Well that may not be true, I do expect my kids to pitch in around the house. Oddly enough, I’ve had people tell me it’s selfish of me to have more than 2 kids because they’ll have to do chores. My first … [Read more...]

Free Printable – Chore Chart for Kids

printable chore chart

In my 11 years as a mom, I've only learned one thing -- I can't do it all by myself. Boy, have I learned that! My kids know that in our family we all pitch in to get a job done. They've grown up being expected to work but we all still need a bit of motivation every now and then. We used to do an … [Read more...]

How to Find Time for the Really Important Things


Do you ever feel like your day is ruled by whoever makes the most noise? I know mine is. Sometimes that's the paperwork that's come in the mail filled with huge, bolded letters telling you that it must, MUST be taken care of today. Sometimes it's the email that just can't wait. Sometimes it's … [Read more...]

Giving Yourself Permission to Shut Down for the Day

trip to the zoo

As moms, I think we often try to push ourselves as hard as we can. That's why we stay up too late, say "yes" to too many things, and feel guilty if we take time to ourselves. There just aren't enough hours in the day and we are trying to be everything for everyone. It's exhausting. We can't do it … [Read more...]