October 24, 2014

Best Nativity Sets for Kids


One of the things my kids look forward to the most is opening the box of Christmas decorations that contains our nativity set. Before you start to assume that my kids are well behaved enough to be trusted around breakable things, you should know that our nativity set includes plastic Little People … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Personalize your Holiday Gifts


I vividly remember one holiday when my siblings and I exchanged gifts. I handed my brother a $20 gift card to a movie theater and he handed me a $20 gift card for a restaurant. It wasn't one of our best years for deep and personal holiday gifts.  This year, my family and I are working on our … [Read more...]

Holiday Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments


 Isn’t it fun to push a spoon into the seam of a pre-made biscuit dough container and watch it pop into a spiral? That was the inspiration for this fun and easy ornament craft. Well that, and the fact that we started going through a lot more toilet paper once my daughter potty trained. I felt I … [Read more...]

Budget Friendly Stocking Stuffers For Kids


The tradition of stuffing stockings goes way back. Many families today still practice stuffing stockings. If you are planning this tradition, there are a few things you need to know. First, plan early. If you wait until the last minute you may end up getting a lot of junk and spending a lot of … [Read more...]

What are your Holiday Traditions?

Several years ago, I was working as a teacher in a residential treatment center. One of the counselors there told me that the best thing parents can do for their kids is to have decorate for the holidays and develop their own holiday traditions. As my kids have gotten older, I’ve started to realize … [Read more...]