October 31, 2014

5 Tips to Beat Kids’ Winter Boredom

During the winter I have a hard time trying to come up with activities that will keep my toddler entertained, but if I don't have some indoor activities in my back-pocket she will go hog wild and trash the house.  Winter where I live is especially hard to plan for, in the last week we had two days … [Read more...]

Got Cabin Fever? – Beating Winter Boredom

As we near winter, the days get colder and wetter. Children (and mommies!) begin to get cabin fever. What can you do to avoid going bonkers in these dreary days? Indoor Activities I just saw a great idea that I cannot wait to try to get started on next years' decorating! These painted glass … [Read more...]

Indoor Fun for Colder Weather

With winter quickly approaching you may be worried about what you are going to do with your little ones to keep them busy during the cold months. I recently came upon a fantastic play place called Bounce U. It is a warehouse type facility that is jam packed with amazing inflatable toys. There were … [Read more...]