October 21, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Flying Alone With Babies and Toddlers


I recently flew to California from Utah to attend a wedding with my 5 month old daughter and 2 year old son, and no husband. There were layovers getting there and layovers getting back. I was called brave, insane, strong, and Superwoman. One flight attendant, upon seeing my board with both kids in … [Read more...]

Establishing a Bedtime Routine with Baby


The first few months with your new baby you are in survival mode. Lack of sleep is at an all time high and you are learning what life with a newborn is really like. Your focus is on recovering from pregnancy and childbirth and enjoying the time you have with your precious new baby. By the time your … [Read more...]

Can My Baby Have Too Many Toys?

It is so much fun to see the exciting plethora of toys out there for our little children. There are learning toys to help them learn colors, number, ABC's, shapes, and the list goes on of what the great toys can do. We seem (or at least I) want to buy them all, but can you get too many toys? The … [Read more...]

Is your Baby Constipated?

How can you tell if you baby is constipated? We used to have a laugh when the baby would turn red in the face and you knew exactly what they were doing. But, what happens when it goes beyond the red scrunched up face? My son was about 3 months old when he had issues with having a bowel movement. … [Read more...]

Feeding your Baby Brocooli

Many parents shy away from serving broccoli to their babies because of warnings they have heard from grandparents about broccoli causing gas and stomach pain in babies. The truth is, once babies have tried several other types of fruits and vegetables and handled them well, broccoli is an excellent … [Read more...]