October 25, 2014

10 Things Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher Wishes you Knew


Starting kindergarten is a huge milestone in the life of a child, and one that most parents spend years preparing for. While academic preparation for kindergarten is important, there are many practical issues to consider that can help make the back-to-school transition easier for your child and your … [Read more...]

Winning the Whining Battle

whining child

It happens in the blink of an eye: one second I’m being asked a question to which I’ve had to answer “no”, and the next second I’m being subjected to one of the most exhausting sounds a parent can hear. What is that noise, a suffering animal? What kind of creature is making that pathetic and … [Read more...]

Tools for Parents – MyJobChart.com


Teaching kids the value of work can sometimes be a tough sale, but learning this important lesson now will do so much to help them in the future. My kids like concrete goals to work towards. They’re big on to-do lists and working on projects that have a clear end so while I’ve tried to institute … [Read more...]

Kids and Chores: A Fun Mix?


"Captain, the area is secure."  My 7 year old son salutes as he says this. It's dark, the only light is coming from my oldest 3 children's flashlights, and my own headlamp. Suddenly I hear the adorably urgent voice of my 5 year old. "Captain! I see some papers on the ground over here, the baby might … [Read more...]

Just Say Yes! A Guide to Setting Limits with Kids


I think we can agree that children of all ages need limits. They need to know what to expect from us, and they need to know we mean what we say. But do we have to prove we mean what we say by being mean? Good news! We don’t. Say “No” by saying “Yes” Imagine for a moment your child has come to … [Read more...]