October 21, 2014

Just Say Yes! A Guide to Setting Limits with Kids


I think we can agree that children of all ages need limits. They need to know what to expect from us, and they need to know we mean what we say. But do we have to prove we mean what we say by being mean? Good news! We don’t. Say “No” by saying “Yes” Imagine for a moment your child has come to … [Read more...]

How to Talk to your Teen About Drugs


Many parents avoid talking to their teens about drugs because they simply aren’t sure how to start the conversation, but it is essential to maintain open lines of communication so you aren’t blindsided by your teen’s drug use. I worked as a teacher in a residential treatment center for teens and … [Read more...]

Money Management for Teens

When I was a teenager I was thrilled by the independence my first part-time job gave me but I thought money management was spending until my bank account was empty. So many financial advisors recommend that parents get into the habit of using cash to help teach kids about money management but in … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Teen Safe Online

Internet safety has become increasingly important over the past several years as you hear about cyber bullies, child abductions, and internet related molestation cases. As a parent, the idea of giving my kids free use of the internet scares me to death. My kids are still young, with my oldest being … [Read more...]

How to Connect with Your Teen

As children move into their teen years, part of their developmental process drives them to separate from parents as they establish their own identity. While this is an important part of maturing, it is equally crucial that parents remain connected with their teen. Teenagers need a balance of … [Read more...]