Winning Wednesday- April 27, 2011

Hi Mommas (and Dad’s, too)! I’m Becca, the new host for Winning Wednesday. Feel free to leave some comments below with any questions or thoughts about entering giveaways and I’d be happy to try my best to answer and respond quickly to them!

Giveaway Guidance: Join Twitter and use your account for following blogs that host great giveaways, along with entering those “extra entries,” listed after the required entry. A majority of the contests I’ve won have come from the extra entries, especially the “Daily Tweets” that most bloggers allow. Twitter has a slight learning curve, but you should be able to pick up the 140 characters program fairly quickly.

#OnlineMom Twitter Party: Join us on Wednesday, April 26, 2011, from 6-7 pm PDT for an #OnlineMom Twitter party.

#BlogChat Twitter Party: Join us on Sunday, May 1, from 6-7pm PDT. #blogchat is a weekly conversation that takes place every Sunday night on Twitter. Each week we discuss a different blogging topic.

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  • Check out Becca’s Perspective on April 29th- May 11th for some Mother’s Day Giveaways just for Mom as part of the A Moment for Mommy Blog Hop Giveaway Event!

Please share with all of our readers your wonderful giveaways in the linky below.

Do you have a great tip for entering giveaways that you’d like to share? Leave a comment below so I can include it in an upcoming Winning Wednesday post.



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