Wordless Wednesday – Moving Day

My family has been through some drastic changes in the past few years and we’re currently knee deep in our 3rd move in 2 years. U-Haul has been helping us out with our move and giving us some great tips so as far as moves go, this is about as smooth as it gets. The truck is loaded now and tomorrow afternoon my family will wave goodbye for now to sunny San Diego and head back to Utah for a year or two or ten (we’ve given up trying to make long-term plans because life has a way of surprising you).

Disclosure: U-Haul is a current sponsor of Busy Mommy Media and has provided a rental truck for my family to use for our move, however, all opinions are my own. Follow U-Haul on Twitter for more advice on moving.

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    oh, the flashbacks… I’m not 100% sure what I’d do if ManOfTheHouse came home today and told me he got a new job that required us to move more than 10 miles away…

    because he might be in a new town on his own…

    more likely we’d be living in an EMPTY home in the new town because I refused to pack anything and we’re too poor to start over :)

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